Our Rules & Regulations

All of the following rules shall and must be obeyed

Notice to all guests:

  • Anyone entering the grounds is doing so at (OWN RISK)
  • We/Owners/Management are not responsible for any liability damage, death, theft or injury by any or all person(s) entering or using this property.
  • Respect shall be given at all times to self and others. The property shall be left as you found it upon arrival.
  • All persons shall adhere to all restricted designated area(s).
  • No entry is allowed into ANY farm buildings and/or dwellings.
  • It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the parent/guardian of any persons under 18 / children in order to maintain rules and safety.
  • We allow generators for electric power but ask you to respect others at night especially.

Registered Guests

Please respect the property of others by not cutting through their campsites.

Occupancy Restriction

Occupancy is based on 6 people per campsite. (Two tents per site)
A maximum of 2 vehicles is allowed per campsite outside of the bush; 1 vehicle per campsite in the bush.


Campfires are the responsibility of the guest. Federal law and campground policy require that campfires must be contained in the designated fire ring. Fire must be attended to at all times and extinguished when leaving them unattended. Cutting of any standing trees on the premises is prohibited.


All vehicles must stay on roads and gravel pads of sites. Do not drive on grass. Vehicles must maintain 10km MAX at any time, any place on the grounds and respect all pedestrians. Golf carts and ATVs are allowed but must be driven by a licensed driver.


All pets must be kept on a leash at all times and their droppings picked up and place in garbage. NO pets allowed in the children play areas. Aggressive dogs must be muzzled.


Anyone who damages campground property will be liable for the cost of repairs or replacement. Campers will be held responsible for any theft or campground property.


Garbage must be placed in garbage cans provided and/or put in dumpster.

Boats, Canoes, Utility Trailers

No boats, canoes, or utility trailers are allowed on camping lots; they must be parked in designated area in the campground.


Enjoy your stay & please be safe